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Jonah Paulhamus

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My name is Jonah Paulhamus and I'm the sole creator and owner of Jonah Paulhamus Media. A quick little bio about me, I'm a 4 wing 3 if you're into that, I have ADHD (which I manage super well and helps me stay creative in this line of work) and I am in love with filmmaking from start to finish. And although I do enjoy other creative outlets like my motorcycle, 35mm film photography, traveling and designing tattoos; filmmaking has always been my #1 artistic medium. I knew what I wanted to do from a young age and spent all my free time learning and experimenting on my own with a camera. I did not go to school for filmmaking, I am 100% self taught with on the job experience from leading professionals in the industry and through the great teacher of all, trial and error. I picked up my first camera at 13 years old and knew I was destined to creating videos for a living because it's all I could think about. Now at 25 years old, I can proudly say I'm living out my dream as a professional, full-time filmmaker.

My goal as a filmmaker is to create art that others want for themselves. Most of the time when I'm directing or creating videos, I tend to combine the clients idea and goal with my artistic vision and experience in the field. Knowing who the video is for, how it needs to be perceived and the feelings it needs to bare are just a few important aspects I strive to encapsulate with my films. Despite the ever growing wedding video industry,  I'm constantly evolving and perfecting my craft, so every time I create a new video, people stop and go, "I've been searching everywhere for a style like this, this is exactly what I'm looking for!"

I am set out to stimulate, challenge and entertain people's minds with my ideas, creativity, and engaging professional personality. Although very eager, I'm a laid-back, personable and positive creative who will never quit working towards success. I bring a fun energy, relatable personality, and a high level of experience to every film project I work on.

I'm an East Coast Filmmaker, regularly servicing Pennsylvania, New York and California. I studied for a business degree in Digital Marketing and Advertisement. I have directed and produced countless wedding films, commercials, social media campaigns, short films, and marketing videos. I love having those personal 1 on 1 relationships with all my clients because I can't create the perfect film without that level of compatibility and trust for the vision! So get in touch! I look forward to creating with you!

"My goal as a creator is to bring something fresh and real to the world; to make people stop and ask themselves, "what makes this guy different?""

-Jonah Paulhamus