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Jonah Paulhamus

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"My name is Jonah Paulhamus, and I make movies." At least, that's how simple it was when I was a kid. I knew what I wanted to do from a young age and spent all my free time learning as well as experimenting on my own with a camera. Most people in my life would remind me to stay in school, concentrate on my education, and think of practical things to do for work rather than my art. But I pressed on, and now at 24 years old, I'm a professional filmmaker who makes a living doing what all the adults said would never happen.

I continued to follow my dream and pursue a career in filmmaking. I have a successful freelance film business that takes me all over the country and allows me to be the storyteller I always was. My goal as a filmmaker is to bring something new and real to the world, but that can be a pretty difficult feat to accomplish  in the freelance filmmaking world. Despite this adversity, that's exactly what I strive to do every day; stay ahead of the new. I'm constantly growing, learning and perfecting my craft, so every time I create, people stop and ask, "Woah. What makes this guy so different?"


This process helps lead the clients I work for towards success. I am set out to stimulate and change people's minds with my ideas and creativity, engaging in professional relationships, producing high-quality content while broadening my skills and gaining experience along the way. I am diligent, hopeful, positive and will never quit working towards my dream. I bring a fun energy, relatable personality, a professional attitude, and a high level of experience to every film project I work on.

As an East coast filmmaker, I am currently based out of Millersville, PA. I've worked as a Video Content Creator on the Marketing team at Word of Life Fellowship Inc. I attended Liberty University with a business study in Digital Marketing and Advertisement. I have also directed and produced countless wedding films, commercials, short films, and marketing ads."

"My goal as a creator is to bring something fresh and real to the world; to make people stop and ask themselves, "what makes this guy different?""

-Jonah Paulhamus